Monday, September 18, 2017

Beaver Trapping...A First

Beaver trapping has long been a favorite pastime of mine for quite a while now and even though the fur market is in the tank and there is no money in it, I thought it would be a perfect time to get my son  involved.  We started with the open water season as it is a bit easier for a young fellow and I didn't want to discourage him.  A couple of sets of dry clothes after falling in, after all a four year old has to see how close he can get to the slippery mud that Dad warned him of, and a couple of nights of the traps soaking and we had our first beaver in a run that Drake had personally approved of.  He was so happy he bounced all the way back to the truck.  He made an honest effort to drag it, and while it was a small beaver, those suckers are still heavy, so a team lift was in order to get it the rest of the way out.  I couldn't be happier to be spending quality time with my son passing on a time honored tradition and one that I thoroughly enjoy!  Let's hope he is hooked from here on in!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Bear Trapping 2016

Frustrating is not a strong enough word to describe my bear trapping experiences, but all we have to show for 2016 season is a few nice trail cam pictures.  Maybe 2017 will be the year!  After all 4th times the charm right!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Muskie for Holland

We had a special visitor from Holland who had never caught a muskie.  On his last trip we made an honest effort, but it was not to be.  Fast forward a year and we try again.  The water was a washout and I didn't have much hope, but lo and behold a small muskie was willing to cooperate!  A couple quick pictures and back to grow a little more!  Good work Butch!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Muskie Derby 2016

I haven't been posting frequently, but hopefully we can change that and keep everyone up to date.  Stay tuned, I have lots of stories to get everyone caught up on and fall is right around the corner!  There should be a new story popping up every week for a bit.  I had a little time to put a few posts together.

Muskie Derby is a time of year that evokes almost every emotion there is.  We fished hard and succeeded in putting fish on the board which was our goal.  I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Muskie Mania!!

The rod doubles over and it is that split second where your heart stops…Is it bottom or will you feel the head shake of a fish that hits so hard the drag starts screaming.  Fortunately for me, there have been head shakes a fair number of times this summer.  The summer started right after spawning with some smaller fish in the mid 30 inch range.  Fun to catch, they weren't quite the 40"fish we were attempting to connect with, but they were soon to come!  The best day we had started early one morning as we took off from the launch, we wasted little time on hooking onto our first fish.  I hooked it on a bass lure with no leader and the 40 inch class fish was only one for 30 seconds before severing the line with its' teeth.  Excited, we continued our quest and a few minutes later we were rewarded with a 38" fish which was a beauty and I already considered the day a success.  Sliding the speckle bellied, finned beauty back into the water we readied our rods again.  A short time later I felt the lure stop solid and with a yank I felt the unmistakable head shake of another fish.  As this one came under the boat I could tell we were close to our magic 40" number.  Sure enough after a brief battle we slipped it into the cradle and confirmed the tail was just past the 42" mark!  Ecstatic we took several pictures and measurements in case we decided on a fiberglass reproduction to remember this fish by.  With a nod of approval and a grin on my face, I released my grip on the its' thick tail and the revived fish disappeared into the current with a few flicks of its' tail.  Almost ready to pack it up thinking we couldn't catch more fish we decided to keep fishing anyway.  A few minutes later I shook my head in disbelief as my forearm tensed to control the flexing rod with another fish.  This one, once boated, measured in at 41". Then as we turned to head back I couldn't resist fishing on our way back and yet one more time the rod came to life and I landed a 40" fish.  That was the best day of fishing I personnaly have ever had for muskies, landing 4 muskies in one morning with 3 fish over 40 inches.  We have caught more fish before, but not of that size class.  Brent was a phenomenal net man and as painful as it was for him to watch me catch those, he has had a pretty good run of big fish, it just wasn't his day!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stripers aboard the Kristin K

This summer has been a productive fishing season for the ridge runners and river rats crew.  This post is the first of a few to come featuring finned beauties!  

In June, we spent a weekend on the southern coast of Maine in pursuit of Stripers!  After hours of searching and reading reviews of charters while the snow flew outside, we settled on the Kristin K Sportfishing Charters with Captain Ben.  To say we made the right choice would be an understatement.  Captain Ben was top notch and wasted no time in getting us hooked up to some fish!  His attitude and personality was top notch and made him feel like one of our friends, rather than a charter captain.  He humored our landlubber questions about the sea with ease and taught us everything we needed to do while still seeming a friend rather than a teacher, but behind the helm of the ship his experience showed and he made quick work of the harbor and headed for the fishing grounds showing us some beautiful scenery along the way.  I can not recommend him enough to anyone looking to explore the saltwater.  I think a shark trip is definitely on our horizon!  We were able to experience the whole gamut, by starting to fish for mackerel which would be our bait for the stripers.  In a couple of drifts and a short time we had a live well full of feisty mackerel awaiting a circle hook and the hungry maw of a bass.  The fishing proved to be fantastic and even though we had a large party with 5 people, we all managed to hook onto the striped bass we were targeting.  Some  of us even managed to snag multiple fish, while I far exceeded my personal expectations and landed 4 stripers!  All told we landed 13 stripers and lost 2 others which was pretty steady action.  Again, I would like to thank Captain Ben for his top notch trip with safety always on his mind.  WIth his experience and diligence, I had no need to worry and I could concentrate solely on the fish which was a treat to say the least.  I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking and if you want to catch some saltwater fish lookup the Kristin K!

The Kristin K

The "Crew"

Plenty of Horsepower to Get you Fishing Fast!

Fishing Mackeral

Nice Big Mackeral

First Striper of the Trip