Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I know I haven't been around much lately and I know I am full of excuses, but this time of year the project list seems dauntingly long and takes much of my time that I would have had to keep everyone here up to date.  I thought I would put up a couple pictures to keep everyone interested.  I do still have some moose and bear hunting stories on the go, not to mention the long awaited canoe article.  Also trapping season is getting under way and deer season is right around the corner!

A quick note about the 2012 moose hunting season:
I checked in faithfully at the Quigley's Outdoors tagging station during the first two weeks of the season and admired the moose as they came in.  The tagging station was well set up and efficient, which proved to be crucial to the large numbers of moose as they came in.  The bulls were impressive to say the least and the weights were even higher than I expected.  I am guessing that maybe the rut was a little further behind than in years past and the bulls hadn't lost their weight yet.  Check out some of the nice bulls that came in!

I have also been working on couple of European mounts for some friends.  One was a mule deer and the other a whitetail.  The mule deer came out very nice, but the whitetail was more of a learning project.  I have learned a lot since then though!

The skinning shed is filling up as well and keeping me occupied!  Stay Tuned!


  1. Cool Chris!! I'm sure Heather's so excited about the skins filling the shed :P By the way, both of those mounts look awesome!

  2. Heather always loves to see the animals pile up! :-) Thanks for the kind words on the mounts. It is very rewarding to have a finished product that you are proud of.