Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shed Hunting Report

The shed hunting season is well under way for this year.  Reports are trickling in of people finding antlers.  I would say most of the bulls should have lost their antlers by now and all you have to do is go pick them up.  Sounds easy right?  Not so much...Currently the average for the "shedders" I talked to is about 100 miles of prime areas covered for every antler find.  This can be greatly increased if you can find areas that haven't already been checked by someone in the last couple weeks, but that is getting harder to find with this hobby increasing in popularity.  The recent weather we have had really dropped the snow pack and any of those buried antlers might start surfacing.  I would think right now if you can get into some ground not already looked at, the pickings would be prime.  One of the largest antlers I have heard about comes from Peter Tabor who noticed three tines sticking up through the snow and as he pulled on them the snow started moving three feet away as he unearthed the 24 pound behemoth!  

Then there are days when it really pays off and you can find 8 antlers in one day!
I would say if you are looking for antlers you had better get out there soon before a snow storm buries whatever is out there.  Good Hunting!  Stay tuned for some more fishing reports and video footage.


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    1. That makes for quite a day for sure! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Holy have some antlers!! I know a few people who have had some decent luck, but nothing like that. :) My daughter and I are headed out this weekend, despite the upcoming storm. Hopefully we'll still find something.


  3. That was exceptional for sure. Good luck on your outing! It is nice to get out and see some country, and the antlers are always a nice bonus!